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We offer a broad spectrum of financial services to the staffing industry. Every business day AGR Financial stands behind you by keeping funds flowing along predictable lines – smoothly, seamlessly, effortlessly – freeing you from weekly financial worries, enabling you to concentrate on the best ways to operate and grow your core business. At AGR Financial it’s all about you.

Our Services Include:

  • Accounts Receivable Funding & Financing

  • Payroll Funding & Financing

  • All Staffing Industry Funding & Financing Needs

We Offer Programs That:

  • Provide Unlimited Financing

  • Allow Possible Savings Each Week at Your Option

  • Can Reduce Costs As You Grow

  • Have No Hidden Costs

  • Have No Negative Covenants

  • Allow You to Free Up Your Own Funds for Activities Not Associated With Your Business

  • And Of Course, Are Totally Confidential Since We Are Not Operators of a Staffing or Consulting Firm

Getting started is easy – Trust our experience to help your business.

Call us today at 732-572-0568 or email us at

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