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AGR offers a broad spectrum of financial services to the staffing industry

AGR Financial works exclusively with staffing companies throughout the country that provide consultants, contractors and other employees trained in various fields, including information technology, accounting, legal, medical, clerical, engineering, transcription, light industrial and day labor.

Since we focus solely on the staffing and temporary personnel industries, we have the expertise to craft customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand your business and its unique challenges.

All of AGR’s high-level services are managed by an experienced staff of financial and temporary personnel professionals with diverse experience. AGR Financial account managers have prior experience in banking or financing. This breadth of experience provides superior access to advice on many fronts.

Our clients benefit from one-stop shopping with a financial firm that can not only provide industry-specific consulting advice, but an institution that will directly provide financing with the capacity to take its own equity positions.

Our Services

Our broad spectrum of services for the staffing industry include:

  • Accounts Receivable Funding & Financing — Advances are made against your company’s customer invoices to provide the cash flow required to fill the gap between when your staffing firm provides contractors and when your customer pays. Advances are arranged on a sliding scale, up to 90 percent. This helps businesses to determine cash flow needs from week to week. Lower rates are provided as a reward for high-volume growth. Read more.

  • Payroll Funding & Financing — A sophisticated Payroll Funding program such as AGR’s, enables you to utilize the invoices that you send out and receive an advance of up to 90 percent of the face amount of the invoice. This frees up your cash to make payroll or to cover other expenses that are needed. Read more.

  • Complete Funding & Financing Needs — Every business day AGR Financial keeps funds flowing along predictable lines — smoothly, seamlessly, effortlessly — freeing you from weekly financial worries, enabling you to concentrate on the best ways to operate and grow your core business. Read more.

Benefits of partnering with AGR

  • More than 20 years of industry expertise — we understand your challenges

  • Advances up to 90% of invoice amount

  • No banking restrictions or covenants

  • Sliding rate structure rewards sales growth

  • Unlimited financing

  • Potential for weekly savings

  • Reduced costs as your business expands

  • No hidden costs or extra fees

  • Free up your own funds for non-business activities

  • Total confidentiality

  • Optional web based reporting

  • Merger & Acquisition Services (Sell – Acquire – Merge – Restructure)

  • Solutions for Start-up and Independently owned staffing firms

  • Assistance with Workers Comp

Looking to buy or sell?

Many companies also call on AGR Financial to share extensive expertise and guidance through our merger and acquisition consulting and brokerage.

Our merger and acquisition consulting clients can draw on the full resources of our company to find the right solution for their challenges. AGR also helps companies buy a business or prepare their company for sale through our merger and acquisition consulting services.

If your strategy is to buy, it’s just a matter of our team understanding your objectives and the culture of your company so the right candidates can be identified. If you have never purchased a company, you should spend time putting together a detailed integration plan. A smart plan is critical to your success.

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