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Purchasing a company is a complex process. AGR Financial, L.L.C. is armed, not only with the expertise to help you acquire the company you’re looking for, but with a number of tools that help make it easier for you to find a firm that ticks all the boxes you’re seeking to fill.

Deciding What You’re Looking For

The first step that must be taken when purchasing a firm is articulating which characteristics you’re most concerned with. If you’re seeking to execute a merger, what does your current company bring to the table, and what aspects are you hoping to add to your arsenal? Are there any red flags that are deal breakers? What are your pricing constraints? Constructing a comprehensive plan detailing these types of non-negotiables can help streamline the acquisition process and considerably cut down on the time taken to find a suitable candidate.

Finding What You’re Looking For

Once you’ve sorted out exactly what you’re looking for in the firm you purchase, it’s time to search for prospects – and this is where AGR Financial’s skills come into play. Finding the right fit for your needs can be an arduous task, but due to our extensive experience within the staffing industry, we might be able to connect you with a company that fits your search parameters immediately.

On the other hand, you could have specific criteria that are more difficult to meet than the everyday purchaser, which could potentially cause the search to last longer than usual. If this is the case, we can list your requirements within our national potential purchaser database, ensuring that you’re visible to firms that may suit your preferences, which will cut down on the effort required on your part.

Regardless, once you’ve discovered an appropriate firm to purchase, there’s more work to be done. The process will likely involve negotiating terms of the deal, the preparation of legal documents and a number of other activities that fall under the umbrella of

due diligence, and AGR Financial is more than ready to provide counsel as things progress.

Call On Our Experts

Having provided top-tier financial services within the staffing and temporary personnel industry for more than two decades, AGR Financial can help you close the deal, whether you’re purchasing or selling your firm. To learn more about our consulting services, feel free to contact our corporate headquarters in Edison, New Jersey by phone at 732-572-0568 or via online form.

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