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AGR Financial Builds Partnerships with Staffing Firms in Florida

AGR Financial designs customized financial and back-office programs for the staffing industry in Florida.

While conference calls, webinars and emails remain indispensable methods to communicate with our clients wherever they may be in the world, there is still something special — and productive — about “old-fashioned” face-to-face meetings. We appreciate the opportunity of working so closely with our Florida-based staffing companies. Key missions for us include providing receivable financing to accommodate the rapid growth plans for many of these staffing companies.

Examples of What AGR Financial Can Do for Our Staffing Firm Clients in Florida

Our services cover a broad range beyond providing innovative financial programs to our clients. Other services include:

  • Mentoring start-up firms on all phases of the business plan, from their inception to commencement of operations

  • Helping staffing firms develop niche marketing strategies

  • Building strategic alliances with many developed sources that we’ve established over the years to help staffing firms acquire the perfect software, as well as obtaining the required workers compensation and liability insurances

  • Consulting with staffing firms on restructuring, valuation, selling or mergers

AGR Financial Has Unique Insight into the Challenges Staffing Firms Face in Florida

As a long-standing member of the Florida Staffing Association (FSA), AGR Financial continuously gains insights on the economic impact of the staffing industry in Florida today. As a member, we attend FSA-sponsored educational events, webinars, and annual conferences to stay current with changes in technology, legislation, and best practices that will help our staffing firm clients in Florida grow their business. 

FSA is one of the American Staffing Association’s most active, and award-winning state associations with chapters strategically located around the state. The association represents and supports the staffing industry and its important role in Florida’s economy. FSA membership provides companies (and partners like AGR Financial) with leading industry resources for information, education, training, and legislative updates. Read more about FSA.

What Florida Staffing Firms Are Saying About Us

“I have been a client of AGR Financial for nearly 10 years now. Having dealt with several other Factors/Financial Institutions/Asset Based Lenders going back to the 1990s, I can say with the utmost confidence and sincerity that AGR is beyond reproach and superior by leaps and bounds to any other firm I have encountered. From the owner Allen Geyer and Executive Vice President Grace Flynn, which all of whom I consider personal friends, to name but a few. I/my company have been treated like family from day one! Literally at any time I can pick up the phone and speak to anyone in their office without exception! They don’t just get you on board and treat you like just another contract, they really care. When I say they really care I mean they go out of their way to help in ways no other financial institution would ever even consider. I will be forever grateful for having found them.”

Owner – Florida Staffing Company

Contact the Experts at AGR Financial in Florida

For more than 20 years, AGR Financial has specialized in designing innovative financing programs to the staffing and temporary personnel industries. AGR can not only assist you with working capital financing — including payroll funding — but provide expert advice on positioning your firm for the future with mergers and acquisitions advisory services, and assist with back office processing, including billing, payroll and tax payments.

No matter the size of your company or your needs, AGR Financial can customize a program that is right for your business. Call our office at (732) 572-0568 or email us to request a consultation with us and find out all that we can do to help your staffing company in Florida.

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