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There are many reasons to sell a company, and the steps that must be taken to prepare for such a sale can be cumbersome – simply choosing to sell and immediately announcing your intentions is an incredibly unsafe avenue. AGR Financial can ably guide you through the measures that should be observed while assisting you in maximizing your company’s value prior to the sale thanks to years of experience providing mergers and acquisition services to the staffing industry.

What To Consider

Selling your company is a decision best made when your firm has been consistently successful. While it might seem more logical to abandon ship when you’ve lost control, you’ll appeal to a great many more prospective purchasers if you’re able to steady the vessel and prove that all is not only in working order, but more appealing than the other options available on the market. If you’re struggling to guide your firm to such a position, consulting AGR Financial could prove beneficial – our seasoned experts can value your firm and help you devise the perfect way to maximize its pull to buyers before actually selling.

Here are a few ways in which you can help maximize your staffing firm’s appeal:

  • Diversify the industries in which you work

  • Ensure that your sales team is effective and consistently productive

  • Try to work with a wide variety of clients to reduce dependency on certain larger clients

  • Assemble a strong, experienced management team to boost the confidence of potential buyers


Ensuring that you’re in a position to sell is quite time consuming, so be sure to plan ahead. The process may take anywhere from many months to a few years.

No matter your situation, consider perusing AGR Financial’s merger and acquisition consulting and brokerage services to make navigating the sale process easier.

Making The Sale

Upon consultation with AGR, we’ll kick things off by engaging in discussion concerning the market you’re faced with. If you feel that you’re ready to proceed, we’ll begin taking the next steps required when selling a company, from crafting retainer agreements to finding a suitable client. Regardless of your preferences, AGR Financial will be able to deliver indispensable advice throughout the journey. Learn more about how we can help you close a successful deal by calling our corporate Edison, NJ headquarters at 732-572-0568, contacting or reaching out via online form.

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